Beki'im Bahalacha 2 :Hashkamat Haboker- The Richard & Karen Edition


the program

Here is your opportunity to learn Halacha in a concise but fundamental format, providing you a clear understanding and sources, enabling you to learn and remember !

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The program will begin on January 1, 2024.

This program will cover 84 daily lessons: Each lesson 20 minutes long !
At the end of each month, the participants can answer the review questions available on the site.

Watch or listen to an online Daily Shiur by Rabbi Eliyahu Mansour, shalit”a.


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Program Start Date

The program will begin on January 1, 2024 and continue for four months.

The Subject

Hilchot Tefillah, covering Simanim 46-55 in the Shulḥan Aruch.
Specific subjects: Birchot Hashahar; The blessings for Torah study; The Mitzvah of 100 blessings daily; Hodu and Barukh she’amar; Pesuke Dezimra and Yishtabaḥ; Forming a Minyan and reciting Kaddish.

Review Questions

Once a month, we will supply review questions on the material studied during the previous month. The test will be available on the site: The answers will be graded so that each person will be given the correct answers in case he answered incorrectly.


Get the book delivered to your home. Registration, shipping & the book, free of charge!

84 days

In the booklet you will find the study material, divided into 84 days.
This program will cover 84 daily lessons, Sunday through Thursday: Friday & Shabbat will be devoted to reviewing the week’s lessons (34 Days).

The Daily Lesson

Ideally, each person should study the material together with a group in his community.
Of course, each person can study it alone, during his free time, in the office, while driving to work, etc.
The daily lesson will be delivered by Rabbi Eliyahu Mansour, shalit”a. You can watch or listen to an online lesson on the site:   Every day, a PDF file of the daily study material will appear on the site.

about machon haketer

With the encouragement of our generation’s greatest Torah leaders, HaKeter Institute was founded in 2004 in Yerushalayim by a group of outstanding Torah scholars.

The institute was founded by Rabbi Yisrael Bitan Shalita, who is currently the head of the Haketer Institute.
The institute’s objective is to enhance the study of halakha, Torah law, to Jews at every level, through making available the important halakhic texts that have formed the basis of halakhic ruling through the ages.

To this end HaKeter Institute has undertaken the publication of new editions of hundreds of volumes and never-before-published manuscripts that have for many generations been basic to the tradition of halakhic ruling and study. The Institute is also publishing reader-friendly practical halakhic guides for laymen.

We combine a high level of professionalism, familiarity with Torah sources, echnical expertise and, above all, a strong desire to cultivate and augment Torah study and
commitment in today’s world.

Far from simply adding more volumes to the already burgeoning library of Torah literature, HaKeter Institute implements projects vital to Torah study and to the destiny of the nation of Yisrael.

In the years that have passed, the Haketer Institute has published many series of books, which have become an integral part of the library in every beit midrash. Among the works and projects that have been published we can name: Petah Hadevir – 5 volumes. Yafe Lalev – 7 volumes. Beit David – 4 volumes. Yad A’aron – 6 volumes. Benei Tzion – 6 volumes. and more.

Of course we will also mention the important projects, which have become bestsellers all over the world: BIrkat Hamazon Bechavana, Birkat Asher Tatsar Bechavana, Aleinu Leshabe’ah Bechavana. Each of these projects has been translated into several languages, and distributed throughout the world’s communities.

Jews from all walks of life, leading rabbis who devote all their time to Torah study, working men and women, housewives, and students of all ages and at every level ill find that these books are their key to entering the world of halakha and the heritage of our people.

Rabbi Yisrael Bitan

Head of Haketer Institute

Rabbi Yisrael Bitan shalit”a, head of Haketer Institute, which Located in the Givat Shaul – Jerusalem, is the founder of the Haketer Institute.

Rabbi Bitan is a graduate of the Porat Yosef Yeshiva in the Old City, where he studied for 6 years, and was a student of the Rosh Yeshiva, Hacham Shalom Cohen zt”l. After his marriage he studied for 4 years at the Beit Ya’akov institutions under the leadership of Hacham Ya’akov Ati’ie zt”l, and for 6 Years at the Ma’or Israel institutions that were under the presidency of Maran Rishon HaGa’on Rabennu Ovadia Yosef zt”l, and there he completed his rabbinical studies and received a Semicha from the greats of the generation.

In 2005, Rabbi Bitan founded the Haketer Institute together with other Talmidie Hachamim, and on the recommendation of the leaders of the generation.

Rabbi Shaul David J. Kassin Shalit”a, who was Habruta of Rabbi Bitan at Yeshiva Port Yosef, was one of the founders of the institute, and helped greatly for its success.

Rabbi Bitan authored many works on Halacha and Mussar: From these books we can name: Birkat Hamazon Bechavana, Birkat Asher Yatzar Bechavana, Alenu Leshabe’ah Bechavana, and more. He is also the author of the Shut Tif’eret Yisrael Vol I, (additional parts will be published soon).

Rabbi Bitan is the author of Sefer Yalkut Yosef – the English Edition, which is actually a monumental encyclopedia for every halachic topic in Judaism. So far 18 volumes have appeared. Those Sefarim was written by him in Hebrew, and then translated by the Institute’s team of translators, headed by Rabbi Moshe Mizrahi Shalit”a.

In 2023, Rabbi Bitan came up with his idea to assimilate the study of Halacha among the Jewish communities around the world. Thousands signed up for this program, and at the beginning of 2024 the first part of the program was launched.

In fact, The Beki’im Bahalacha project is based on the book Yalkut Yosef – the English Edition.